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  • They may start or resume their consumption in less then 2 seconds even when they have no or low balance in their account or possession. 

  • They are not necessarily to be a loyal customer with a track record; Nannodit may deliver dynamic amounts even to the new customers. 

  • The level and offerings of Nannodit may be enriched with the increase in loyalty. 

  • There may be single or multiple delivery of Nannodit, even it has been already used. 

  • Collection of Nannodit can be through many methods, including bonus points, installments, barter etc. 

  • Provision of Nannodit can be either on demand, pre-subscribed or both and through many channels (phone, sms/ussd, call center, web, kiosk, pos) that are either already available or that can be introduced with Nannodit.

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  • An innovative and new payment channel with no financial risk, operational cost nor technical complexity.

  • Augment consumption frequency and volume therefore increases revenues and profits.

  • Increases customer loyatly by covering up to 95% of the customer base. It does not require exposure of the personal information. 

  • Can be applied with subscription model, on-demand or in a mixed scenarios. The application can be segmented or partially delegated. Dynamic or static advance models can be mixed.

  • Nannodit transaction finishes in less then 2 seconds. It's a distruptive payment method without any friction compared with the existing ones which usually require multi party integrations and user interactions.

  • Increased revenues through negligable service fees or premium prices with Nannodit do not create any additional churn or dissatisfaction, as proven in the market. 

  • The setup, development, operation and life-time enhancement of the service can be fully or partially delivered by Nannodit without any cost to Merchant.

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