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Nannodit can pay your infrastructure bill.

Nannodit subscription allows you to consume your utility service until your next payment.

Many service industry including but not limited to internet services, natural gas, water, electricity, concierge services increasingly switches to the prepaid models where the customers load their balances balance prior the consumption. In the prepaid model, the major handicap is the cease of the service at the end of balance when the consumer has to recharge. For the best consumer experience this step should be as easy and frictonless as possible to prevent commercial loss and customer dissatisfactions.


Prepaid customers every now and then falls into the insufficient balance state where the conventional top up mechanisms are either hard to reach or not preferred. This short fall of balance may impact the quality of life of the consumers for essential utility services.


Nannodit, prevents the severance of the prepaid services by applying on demand or subscribed based advance mechanisms into the existing payment channels. Nannodit not only increase the revenues by increasing the consumptions but also provides a unique competitive and loyalty tool.

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