Uninterrupted gaming with Nannodit

Nannodit promised payment let the players continue when their balance is not sufficient.

Majority of the gamers are not adults or banned from the banking system. E-commerce's traction is becoming more over the conventional commerce, purchasable goods and services are increasing both in size and variety. 

Game providers, e-pin resellers, payment gateways and small and medium enterprises are struggling to reach the un-banked mass for both acquiring new customers and for releasing the full potential of their existing ones. The un-banked population has to make a wire-transfer, use a prepaid debit card or ask a favor from families and fried to make the transaction on their behalf; causing unrealized business from around half of the potential customers.


Nannodit brings these un-banked or low purchasing power consumers into the existing e-commerce and gaming industry by providing them an alternative to opening a small amount of advance opportunity until their next conventional purchase.

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