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Nannodit in retail commerce

Complete your shopping with Nannodit and you can pay the amount later on your next transaction

Fast order,  swift delivery and quick payment are core essentials in the retail industry. The more diverse the payments channels are the more sales volumes can be achieved since they provide the customers a freedom to choose the best option for them.


The lack of an advance provision mechanism means a loss in the sell opportunity to those having enough cash or credit line temporarily (i.e close to their payday). Also a payment channel faster then the conventional methods would be preferable both for merchants and their customers since it will shorten the time to wait at point of sales.  

Nannodit brings this new innovative channel to the retail businesses by completing the sales transactions in less then 2 seconds whilst bringing the "promised payment" feature without any financial risk, implementation complexity and operational burdens, and with increased loyalty and a killer differentiator as side benefits. 

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